About Me

Who is Dan Bodenstein?

At some point in our lives we ask ourselves, who we are. Or am I just thinking about the movies?


Does anyone really sit down and ask “who am I”? Do they get an answer? Because as I’m typing this all I can think of is a list of career and hobbie related words. I’m not getting that deep metaphysical answer that people “say” they get.

Well, while I wait for access to the akashic records to find my answers, I’ll just continue writing.

I am a nature lover, photographer, web developer, visionary, writer, and vegan.

I currently live in South Florida with my the love of my life, my wife Cindy. Do I love South Florida. No. Why? Mainly because we have two seasons, Summer and Hurricane. No fall, and we only get what I call “Winter week”.

I’m currently working as a front end web developer. (Front end development deals with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Even though I also know classic ASP, PHP, jQuery, mySQL, msSQL, and much more.)

In 2009 I published by first children’s book The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle, and in 2012 I will published my second book, Steven the Vegan. I’ve also written a children’s book about bullying that will be published by a third party.

My wife is my inspiration for many things I do. She is most definitely the inspiration for the second children’s book, Steven the Vegan. Her love of nature, and animals should be an inspiration for all of us. What I love about her is how she sees things in a different way than myself, and most people.  She removes the blinders from my eyes that I never knew were there.

I’ve recently teamed up with a friend from my childhood who is an illustrator and together we will produce some incredible material. We always worked well together, and I am eager to continue working with him. He is the illustrator of Steven the Vegan, and we are collaborating on some children’s comic books.

I truly enjoy writing. No really I mean it. Okay, my punctuation may suck and my grammar are bad, but I enjoy it. I have been creating a list of ideas for other childrens books as well.

There  is a list of my personal web sites on the right side of this page, please visit all or any of them to learn more about them.