Researching the Wild West

Sasspirilla Springs

The latest children’s story I am working on involves a small old western town in the middle of nowhere. Unlike other western towns, this one didn’t pop up around a gold or silver rush. Nope. This one popped up around a more unusual product of mother earth.

The story is in the outline stage and is being set around the people of the town itself. It’s staged to be a group of short stories that revolve around the every day life of these colorful, quirky, and sometimes misguided, characters.

I find it rather amusing to research the lingo used in the old west. Many of the colorful statements were used by people who were uneducated and, for lack of a better word, ignorant. Yet it closely resembles the “rap” style lingo spoken today.

As usual, the issues of writing a children’s story about a violent time in history brings up topics such as guns, violence, drinking, and much more. But I’m up for the challenge to tackle these issues in a creative way.


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