Tempus Fugit

Time flies. It sure does. It’s been a while since my last post here on my blog. Sorry about that. So, what’s going on. On the sadder side of things, my mother passed away on Father’s Day this year. She was very ill and had been battling diabetes here whole life, as well as the loss of her kidneys. In the end, her body just gave out. In spite of all of that, our family is going well.

As for projects, work is proceeding on Fields of Dreams. We hope to have some illustrations for Volume 0 very soon. Other projects are getting rewrites and progressing forward. Ron and I have reworked our old “Draglets” concept and are creating a new and unique story based on characters Ron created in the 80’s.

Ron and I also created our own company called “Vivid Imagination Studios.”, follow us on Facebook! We’ll be positing images and information on all our projects there.

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