Megacon Orlando 2013

This year I attended my first con. During my visit to Orlando, I met with Ron (my illustrator and friend) and we attended the MegaCon Comicbook Convention at the Orange County Convention Center. As I said, it was my first con. My interest in the convention was to see and meet other independent writers and illustrators. I noticed the more mainstream illustrators draw in the same format, that standard hero post, comic book format. The more independent illustrators had their own formats, and, what seemed like, much more creative freedom. Those are the people we spoke to.
These people love their craft. There was no pressure to buy something from their table, and they were more than happy to just talk to us about what they do, and we, of course, told them what we are working on. Without giving specific details, many of the artists seemed to like the fact that we are focusing on restoring imagination to young kids. Don’t be surprised if Ron and I have our own booth here in the coming years.


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