Fields of Dreams Volume 0 – Writing Complete

One of the projects I am working on with my long-time friend and illustrator, Ron, is a comic book called Fields of Dreams. Recently we decided to create a volume zero, rather than start with volume one. Volume zero will be free. This will allow us to introduce the comic to the world at no cost.

Fields of Dreams is the story of a scarecrow that daydreams while standing in the corn field. As you have guessed, the comic is about imagination. Events that transpire around him will trigger his imagination and his day dreams. In his own mind, he looks more human than his true scarecrow form. It’s very “Don Quixote” in his mind. He battles dragons, monsters, a dark knight, space aliens, and whatever he can dream up.

The cast of characters includes the Farmer, the Farmer’s wife, their mean-spirited granddaughter Dot, Winston the old barn dog, and two crows named Sid and Marty.

The sketch to the right is a rough draft of what our scarecrow will look like.

Please leave feedback and let me know your thoughts on this project.

  1. Love the concept! Can’t wait to read it!

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