2010 will be the year of the ebook reader.

eBook WarA war is coming. A war between publishers and eBook reader manufacturers. Okay, let’s face it, print it virtually dead. Newspapers have been dying ever since took all their classified sections away. Subscribers have declined in favor of reading news online and on blogs. Magazines are also seeing a decline in circulation and readers.

The solution has been around for years, but only now have people began to see the enormous possibilities of eReaders.

eBook readers are electronic devices that allow you to read books, magazine, and newspapers. It uses a technology called e-Ink to display the pages in black and white. Currently two eBook readers dominate the market. Sony’s portable reader system, and the much more popular Amazon Kindle.

The Sony reader has been around for years, and is really no competition for the Kindle. It is slow, and tiny. The Amazon Kindle brought a whole new level to the game by allowing books, and newspapers to be downloaded over a wireless network, no matter where you are. This service is included in the purchase price, there is no “plan” to buy. You can shop on the Amazon store with the reader, purchase a book, and it is automatically downloaded to the reader. This feature has become a standard for readers now.

Imagine waking up, and finding ESPN, or the Wall Street Journal, waiting for you on your eBook reader. Now, I know most people think that looking at a screen all day will hurt your eyes. Not with e-Ink. It is specifically designed for an easy read. The other amazing thing about e-ink is that once the pixels (little dots that make up letters) are lit, it uses no power to keep it lit. This means that while you are reading the page, the display uses no power, making your batteries charge last much longer. The problem with e-Ink is the page refresh, all the pixels go off, then the page is shown. For those of us use to instant gratification, this may seem clunky. But I am certain not only will e-Ink get faster, but we will see a color version soon too.

Why am I telling you all this? Mainly because I want one! No this isn’t an early birthday request. I’ve wanted an ebook reader for a while. I have so many books that I have, and that I want. Some eBook readers, like Barnes and Nobles new nook, will allow you to read PDF documents too. So many ebooks that I already have I can put on the reader. The green part of this is that you save trees. Publishers save on shipping costs, and printing costs.

Target sells the Sony reader, and unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have a store where you can try theirs. But, Barnes and Noble bookstores will be carrying their nook reader by the end of November. I urge you to go and try one out. I am certain that next year we will see many more eBook readers, not to mention the rumors about the Apple iSlate (a portable multimedia device).

Imagine how many trees would be spared if children  used ebook readers instead of textbooks.I know what you are thinking, they are fragile. Well a company called Plastic Logic has created a way to create “chips” on plastic. They created a flexible e-ink screen. It can be twisted and still retain its integrity. (Is this the first step toward e-paper?)

There are a lot more eBook readers outs there. If you’d like to learn more about them, check out Digital Book Readers.

2010 is shaping up to be the year of the eBook reader.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the bookshelves I have.


The nook vs the Kindle

The B&N nook is prices at $259.00. That is pretty reasonable for a reader that has a color touch screen, a 6″ diagonal, screen, 3G wireless, and WiFi. The reader also has a feature that allows you to “lend” a book to another nook owner. Very cool feature. It displays PDF’s and plays MP3 music as well. It also will allow you to customize the “cover” using any JPG image.

The Kindle is also $259.00 (the price was lowered when B&N announced their competing device), has a 6″ diagonal screen, and 3G wireless.

B & N nook

B & N nook

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

  1. 12010 is definetly the year of the ebook. There are a lot op upcoming brands working on the road to release their new models.

    By the way i found a nice website called Ebook Reader Advisor

    You can see an overview of the different brands and models which are available on the market nowadays.

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