7 Days

7NumberSevenInCircleSeven days ago I made the decision to move my book to,’s print on demand service. Today I received notice from them that I will be receiving my printed proof in 10-15 days. It took seven days to do with what it took several months with Not to mention that the per copy price from was over 2 times the price from told me it will take thirty days to cancel with them. Why does it take thirty days to cancel a book that was never printed?

Progress on my next book is going well. The character development is just about done, and progress on the main pages is beginning. I have also been working on setting up the web site for the new book as well.

I’ve been doing some research into different children’s novels for the next project on the list. Character development, and story plot has begun on _a__a_y Wy___ and the _a_e _a__da. (Sorry for being cryptic, but too bad.) The main character was developed by my friend Ron years ago, and I am glad I can help turn his vision into a book.

I’ve registered the ten ISBN numbers with my new publishing company. Oh that’s right. I never told you the name of it.

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