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Myth Illogical is now on

We started our next project and have once again turned to fans to help back it. Myth Illogical is our latest project. It takes a child’s perspective at looking at mythological creatures … with a twist. What’s the twist? Well, if I tell you then it won’t be a real twist will it.

The story surrounds four characters, Bigfoot, Unicorn, Minotaur, and Dragon. As the story unfolds, Bigfoot is trying to scare the reader … unsuccessfully. He starts getting pointer and tips from the other characters until all of them are attempting to be scary. It takes an interesting look at fear by making things that are suppose to be scary, funny.

The primary goal of the book is just to be fun to read. No strong headed moral, but good old-fashioned fun.

Check out the kickstarter campaign, and please consider backing our project.


Hollywood is lacking imagination

I have noticed that some of the newer movies coming out lack the spark that movies of the previous era have. I try to stay up to date on new movies in the makings, and this is what I found.

A-Team – Yup, they are making an A-Team movie… actually you can see the trailer for it here.  The A-Team was a group of ex-military commando’s who were wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. They escape and spend their lives helping people in need, and never accepting payment. They blew up everything in their path, and yet, no one ever seemed to die. Cars would flip-over 16 times, explode into flames, and then the driver would get out of the car. They would shoot 10,000 rounds of ammunition at 2 people, and they would never hit them. (This is as ridiculous as villains shooting Superman, and then when they are out of bullets, throwing the gun at him.) The only way this movie will work is if they shoot and kill someone in the opening credits. That will get our attention and make us realize it’s not the same old thing. Read more »

The Storyteller in my head

The MindI have three stories rattling around in my head. As my second children’s book is being illustrated, I have been thinking about other ideas and concepts for new books. Instead of coming up with one idea … I have three. Now comes the hard part, formulating a story that is both entertaining, and contains a message.

I have to admit, ever since I visited the Panther Ridge Conservation Center this past weekend, I’ve been wanting to write a big cat story. Panther Ridge cares for big cats that cannot be released back into the wild. Although the enclosures that are their homes are spacious based on the size of the “cat”, I just feel that telling a story that ends with a big cat back in its enclosure just doesn’t seem right. But, fear not, I am formulating a story idea that will encompass both entertainment, and education that will end on a happy note.

Another story is based on a trip through the Everglades. Ever notice how scared people are of the Everglades? You mention it to some people and they tell you “There’s no way I’d go there.” hmmm, really?

The third story has to do with the importance of healthy eating and exercise, but is written with the “Brothers Grimm” in mind. It has to do with weight loss and obesity, something that many children are now facing.

Now if I could only make a living doing this. 🙂