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I’m an honorary Night Hunter, sort of.

Last year I was contacted by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens regarding a new exhibit opening this year, Night Hunters. Night Hunters is a tribute to nocturnal animals that hunt their prey at night. The exhibit included several species of big cats that I had recently photographed at Panther Ridge Conservation Center. I was asked specifically for some shots of ocelots. I had frequented Panther Ridge several times and had some great shots of Cody, Macho Man and Delilah.

Today I received these images via email depicting where my photos appeared in the exhibit. Aside from being presented on the wall of the exhibit, additional photos I sent are included in the interactive displays also depicted below. If anyone visits the zoo and would like to send me additional photos I would love it! and Panther Ridge

Those who know me know that I love photography, and nature. Recently I’ve been doing some volunteer work for Panther Ridge Conservation Center. They are a big cat conservation center in Wellington, Florida. I am currently helping them create adoption packets, and a new web site, along with a line of really cool t-shirts. All these items are to help them raise money to treat and care for exotic cats that needed a home.

I also belong to the South Florida Nature and Wildlife Photography group on So, I arranged for group photo tours for 4 sundays in a row. Each group consists of 10 photographers, and we get a tour and some awesome photo opportunities. Judy Berens, the owner and operator of Panther Ridge, gives the tour and provides us with not only spectacular subjects, but also history, and a plethora of information about each species.

Here are some photos I’ve taken over the past 2 weeks. Looking forward to more big cat encounters!