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Myth Illogical is now on

We started our next project and have once again turned to fans to help back it. Myth Illogical is our latest project. It takes a child’s perspective at looking at mythological creatures … with a twist. What’s the twist? Well, if I tell you then it won’t be a real twist will it.

The story surrounds four characters, Bigfoot, Unicorn, Minotaur, and Dragon. As the story unfolds, Bigfoot is trying to scare the reader … unsuccessfully. He starts getting pointer and tips from the other characters until all of them are attempting to be scary. It takes an interesting look at fear by making things that are suppose to be scary, funny.

The primary goal of the book is just to be fun to read. No strong headed moral, but good old-fashioned fun.

Check out the kickstarter campaign, and please consider backing our project. for projects

I recently created a project on for my latest book Steven the Vegan. The way works is like this. I setup rewards for people based on a specific donation about. For example, for $5.00 you can get a PDF version of the book when it’s available. For $15.00 you get a signed copy by myself and Ron Robrahn the illustrator. For $750.00 you get the signed copy, and a character in the book named after you.

In essence, allows you to “sell” your product, before it’s complete. No money changes hands until the project is fully funded.

Ron and I plan to use for our future projects as well, including Fields of Dreams.

Check out our project at