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Eartha lands at The Crystal Garden

The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle is now available at The Crystal Garden in Boynton Beach, FL. Imagine my surprise when I saw my book, not just on a bookshelf in their gift shop, but presented front and center as a “pick” by the owner, Margaret Ann “Seven Feathers” Lembo.

Margaret is not only the owner, she runs workshops, classes, holds lectures, and of course mediates some incredible drumming circles. Cindy and I visit The Crystal Garden often and I’m glad that both the center, and Margaret, are part of my journey with Eartha.

If your looking for crystals, oils, books or music on any level of spirituality, or just want to say “Hi” to Sha-nay the parrot, visit The Crystal Garden.

You can follow Margaret on Facebook here.

My First Review

Steve Barancik of has written what I think is a great review of “The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle”.  He was concerned at first because the book was rather specific in nature, and not a general story. I told him it was intended to be such a story, and here is what he had to say.

Bodenstein’s storytelling is a little heavy-handed for general audiences, but likely perfect for those with a special interest in undersea life – turtles in particular – or parents seeking a book with a message of environmental stewardship.

Me and my heavy handed writing. What the story doesn’t do is tip-toe around the problems that plague our ocean friends.  It’s intended to show how man’s negligence can and will continue to affect our oceans until we do something about it.

Author Bodenstein makes a point of the fact that some humans were responsible for Eartha’s plight, and others for her rescue. His narrator puts it directly to readers, asking, essentially, “Do you want to be one of the good people…or the bad?”

At the end of the book, the child clearly make a decision about how they feel about protecting our oceans most valuable resources, it’s animal life.

You can read Steve’s full review here.

Sea Turtle found in the

Eartha on AmazonOnly days after my book was finalized, it has appeared on! I have to admit, that was pretty fast. I haven’t even finished the shopping cart for my web site yet. I sent some page samples so they can add the “See Inside” option to the book. It seems to sell more books when people can see the inside, especially picture books.

The list price for the book is $12.99. It was suggested to me that the book should be priced $17.99, but I though that to be too expensive for a picture book. On my web site, I’ll be selling the book for $9.99, and $12.99 for a signed copy.  Shipping is about $2.77 via media mail.

As I promised there will be a special package deal on my site called Paulie’s Special. (Paulie is Eartha’s parrotfish friend). The Special includes a signed copy of the book, a Loggerhead Sea Turtle Fact bookmark, Four color postcards of the real Eartha, and an 8 x 10 photograph of Eartha. The deal will sell for $19.99, and $2.00 from every sale will go to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center where Eartha was cared for.

Paulie's special deal

After just over one year, its finally happening. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Some of my family, and a few friends, have already seen and read the book and have given it high praise. My first step, once I receive the books, is to send a few copies to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center to keep in their gift shop. Then, the marketing begins…

My first book is official

bookcoverwebToday I received my final proof of my first book, and it was perfect. Over the next two week I will be getting everything setup to start selling the book, and “special deal” online.

I have also been compiling a mailing list of potential retail outlets to solicit the book to. in addition to the official website, the book will also be available on

This week being Thanksgiving, I guess I can say I am thankful the book is finally done! It’s been a bumpy road, but well worth it. What I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve make will make my next book go much smoother.

Just Proof It!

You want the proof? You can’t handle the proof!

I received my first proof of my book, The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle, this week. Although there were some issues, the experience was still positive. The issues were partially my fault, but since this is my blog I’m going to blame Thomas Binderhoff of Sandusky, Ohio. I worked so hard for so long, and he goes ahead and messes everything up.

Okay, I don’t even know if that person exists. I made him up, but it’s still his fault. Read more »

Progress on Eartha’s book moves forward and a new book is in the works.

Well after several failed attempts to get to approved the formatting of my book, it was finally approved. On September 30th it went into “Galley Design” phase. (No idea what it means … I think they may this shit up). It’s now passed Galley Design phase and is now in Galley Quality Assurance. This means that someone is checking all 32 pages. Oh my, that could take weeks. According to them it can take 10 to 15 days. (It’s a children’s book people. I can write a new book in that period of time … and I did!)

On the more productive side, I did design and order the postcards featuring Eartha that will be sold with the special signed edition. Each postcard has a different photograph of the real sea turtle named Eartha, along with a one word message. The messages are Protect, Endangered, Conservation, and Respect. On the back of each is an explanation of each of the words.

On the new side of things, I wrote a new book entitled, “Steven the Vegan”. This book is a bit special too since it is a topic that is close to home, and I get to work with a childhood friend of mine, Ron Robrahn. Ron is an amazing illustrator and cartoonist. I know he is excited about our joint venture as much as I am.