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My Interview with recently contacted me about doing an interview regarding my children’s book, Steven the Vegan. is an in-depth news and information source for all things regarding animal rights, and veganism. I’m very excited that the book is starting to get recognition in the vegan community.

Check out the interview here.


My First Review

Steve Barancik of has written what I think is a great review of “The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle”.  He was concerned at first because the book was rather specific in nature, and not a general story. I told him it was intended to be such a story, and here is what he had to say.

Bodenstein’s storytelling is a little heavy-handed for general audiences, but likely perfect for those with a special interest in undersea life – turtles in particular – or parents seeking a book with a message of environmental stewardship.

Me and my heavy handed writing. What the story doesn’t do is tip-toe around the problems that plague our ocean friends.  It’s intended to show how man’s negligence can and will continue to affect our oceans until we do something about it.

Author Bodenstein makes a point of the fact that some humans were responsible for Eartha’s plight, and others for her rescue. His narrator puts it directly to readers, asking, essentially, “Do you want to be one of the good people…or the bad?”

At the end of the book, the child clearly make a decision about how they feel about protecting our oceans most valuable resources, it’s animal life.

You can read Steve’s full review here.