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How I spent my birthday.

The Life, Universe and Everything. Those of you fans of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know the answer to that, 42. Forty two just happens to be how old I am. For my birthday I woke up early (But Dan, it’s your birthday shouldn’t you sleep late? ~Settle down, let me tell the story~) I drove 250 miles north to Ocala. (But Dan, it’s your birthday? ~ I said settle down!~)

Okay, enough interuptions from my psyche.

Cindy and I drove to the Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida, and there we met some amazing people, and some amazing animals. Greeted by Winston and Lilly, two farm dogs, we approached the sanctuary and were met my Logan, one of the care takers of the residence of KSS. Read more »

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

In my latest book, Steven the Vegan, a group of children visit a farm sanctuary where Steven shares with his friends the reason he doesn’t eat animals. Farm sanctuaries are places where farm animals go to live out their lives, free from the slaughter house destiny that plagues their species.

Part of writing a convincing story is research. I wanted to research farm sanctuaries and find out more about them. That led me to the Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida. The Sanctuary encompasses 36 beautiful acres. There are about  150 sanctuary residents. The animals living there are called residents, because that’s what they are. The residents receive around-the-clock care, carefully controlled diets, spacious barns, and green pastures to graze.

I am planning a visit to the sanctuary very soon, and hope to meet some of these amazing residents. According to the care taker, each of the residents has a unique personality, and their special needs are seen to. I cannot wait to get there and meet some of the residents.

Sometime research can be fun! Check out The Kindred Spirits Sanctuary and learn about some of their residents.