“Myth Illogical”

Myth Illogical is an idea I had while watching a really bad bigfoot movie on the SyFy network. I realized that so many stories and movies about Bigfoot depict it in a violent nature. I wanted to do something different. I came up with the idea of intermingling several mythological creatures, with unique personalities, and having them interact in a humorous and lighthearted way. The primary characters are Bigfoot, Minotaur, Unicorn and Dragon. There will be other characters introduced along the way in additional stories. The stories are meant to be just plain fun. I want to depart from the current requirement of stories to carry heavy moral messages, and return to a time when stories were just plain fun. This project is currently in development.

“PATS : Protector Academy Training Society”

PATS is a new concept based on how stuffed /plush toys learn to protect their child from Monsters. Children believe that their favorite toy, or teddy bear is there to protect them. This story explains how that is done. Each toy attends the Protector Academy Training Society. There they learn how to fight monsters. There will be many recurring themes, such as a group known as “The Teddies”. They are a group of teddy bears … all named Teddy. Our main character is a teddy bear named Chadwick. Chadwick is thrust into the world with no knowledge of the society, or his great responsibility. He has only until the next full moon to learn to defeat the monster haunting his ward Billy. You know when you ask a child “Who did this?” in reference to a ripped, torn, or shredded stuff toy and they respond, “I don’t know.” They may be telling the truth. This project is in the planning stages and may become a graphic novel.


“Fields of Dreams”

Fields of Dreams is actually slated to be a comic book for kids. The story follows a home made scarecrow that daydreams about a wide variety of things. Mostly illustrated, with little dialog, the comic will take aim at children and help them spark their own imagination. Our scarecrow, while daydreaming, looks more human than scarecrow. His imagination is always triggered by something that happens around him. There are a cast of other characters, including a nemesis scarecrow who resides across the street in another field. This project is in the planning stages.


“Polar Bear Journeys”

Polar Bear Journeys, PBJ, explores what happens when a polar bear and his two mischievous penguin pals decide to travel. There first stop is … the airport, which they mistake for the name of a city. The main character, Hugh, has a child like mentality, and is in awe of everything. He is very laid back, and let’s his pals do the worrying. This project has a partial first script outline complete, and main character design complete. The story is also design to help kids learn. From learning about cities, to how planes fly, the trio will be teaching under the guise of fun. The format (book, comic, or graphic novel)  is undetermined at this time.



“The Gaia Code”

The Gaia Code is a real-time serial. As I write the story I post the latest content on a special blog. Currently updates are daily, and visitors can make comments and offer suggestions for the direction of the story. I had started the story over a year ago and now that I have created this project I am forcing myself to continue writing.

The Gaia Code is a Sci-fi / Fantasy story that revolves around a young woman who does not realize her true potential. There is no doubt that there are many individuals that have had a tremendous positive impact on our planet. The protagonist possesses a unique gift that she is unaware of. Along with some new found friends she will learn of her true destiny that surrounds the very essence of the planet herself.

If you’d like to follow the story, you can start reading it here at it’s official web site, The Gaia Code

Steven“Steven the Vegan”

My second children’s book based on a boy named Steven who explains to his classmates why he doesn’t eat animals. My wife Cindy is a vegan, and there is a large movement toward healthier eating among young children. I didn’t see any books out there that explained it from a child’s perspective toward other children.

Steven the Vegan is being illustrated by my long time friend, Ron Robrahn. I was lucky to reconnect with him for this project. Ron knows how to bring characters to life by giving them charisma. The book takes place on a field trip to a farm, and I know Ron will make those animals so cuddly that no one would want to eat them.

bookcoverweb“The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle”

This is my first attempt at a childrens book. It’s based on a real sea turtle named Eartha who was rehabilitated at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. The LMC approved the book and allowed me to state that in the book. She was rescued a day before Earthday, hence her name Eartha.

I am currently awaiting its printing, and have created two web sites. The first, is the web site for the book. There you can see photos of Eartha, and read her rescue story and about her release back into the sea.

The second is a continuation of the story. Eartha heads out into the great blue and meets some new friends. Each post is part of the story. is told from Eartha’s perspective as if she is telling the story.