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A Creative Day

This past Saturday I was in Orlando to meet with my illustrator and childhood friend, Ron Robrahn. Ron and I discussed several things that needed to be tweak on Steven the Vegan and we discussed new projects.

We have been developing a kids comic called “Fields of Dreams” about a scarecrow that daydreams. It’s very “Don Quixote” in story as things around him spark his imagination. The stories will involve him imagining all sorts of things, including the occasional duel with the scarecrow in the field across the road.

We found that aside from the Wizard of Oz, so many scarecrows are scary looking. We didn’t want ours to look scary, we wanted him to be lovable. Ron has a true gift for bringing characters to life.

Our scarecrow spends is day in the field, defending the crops from a flock of crows, including two rather annoying ones. In his own mind, made of straw, he seems himself as human. So his daydreams will depict him looking like a normal person. This all adds to the drama of imagination, and that is what to life on paper.

We are trying to rekindle in children.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t say “kindle” with all this straw about. Fields of Dreams is currently a work in progress, as is our next project ….


The Protector Academy Training Society, or PATS for short. Okay this is a working title. What is PATS you asked? I’m glad you asked. Did you ever wonder how that favorite stuffed toy, or teddy bear leans to battle those monsters from under the bed? Well, your teddy bear was trained at the finest facility. Along with other stuffed toys charged with the responsibility of protecting children when they sleep, our hero, Chadwick the bear, is learning how to deal with his child’s monster.

Every full moon the monsters return to strike fear into the dreams of children. It is the protectors job to vanquish the monster so the child can sleep peacefully. Failure can cause the child to have repeated nightmares, and could be the end of the protector. Ever notice that when a child’s favorite toy is missing an eye, or an arm is torn off that they say “I don’t know” when asked “Who did this? or How did this happen?” Well, now you know.

Below are a few sketches we came up with for some of the characters, include the leader of the group known as “The Teddies” (After all, can you imagine how many bears are named Teddy?)

Let us know what you think!