A Blast of Inspiration can come from Anywhere

It’s funny where inspiration can come from. For Eartha the Sea Turtle, my inspiration came from Eartha’s story, and the amazing work done at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. For Steven the vegan, my inspiration came from an article I read about how kids don’t know where their food comes from. Fields of Dreams was inspired by a cross of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ, and Ralph Phillips from the Looney Tunes cartoon, from A to zzzzz.

My latest blast of inspiration came while watching a really bad movie on SyFy network. SyFy is known for some cheesy made for TV movies. While I was watching the show, and laughing at how bad it was, I realized something really, really funny and turned it into a story. I’ve not only written one story, I’ve written two about the same characters.

What’s the first thing I did? I sent it off to my friend, and illustrator, Ron to start creating some character designs. He loved the script and sent me one of the characters. I can’t wait for him to story board it all for me.

This new story concept will probably be sold only as an e-book. Digital media saves a lot of time and money in printing costs. I’m looking to offer it as a PDF file, Amazon Kindle file, nook file, and ePub formats.

Oh, what’s the name of the story, you ask?

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