How I Write a Children’s Book – Part 8

Let’s continue on with our story. When we left last our little penguin, he was daydreaming about what he would do if he could fly. It’s time we turn our daydreamer into a hero.

As discussed, our victim is a baby pigeon who will fall into the pond from it’s nest. We will setup our penguin to save the pigeon, and become a hero.

Instead of blathering about what we will do, let’s jump in and do it.

Page 20 : Slappy opened his eyes and sat up, “It was only a dream.” He said, sadly.
(Slappy sitting up,  depressed.)

Page 21 : He stood up, and stretched his flippers as he looked out over the wide pond. He looked at all the birds flying around the pond.
(Slappy looking out over the pond with all the birds flying around.)

Page 22 : He was about to go for a walk when he saw something happening across the pond. There was a mama pigeon crying and flapping her wings.
(View across the pond with mama pigeon frantically flapping her wings.)

Page 22 : Across the pond he could see other birds gather around the mama pigeon. Still she flapped her wings and shouted, ‘Help!’ My baby fell in the pond!’
(View across the pond with mama pigeon frantically flapping her wings.)

Page 23 : Slappy wasn’t sure what to do. He thought the ducks may be able to help, but they were too far away. Someone would have to swim across the pond. “Who could do it?” He thought
(View across the pond with mama pigeon frantically flapping her wings.)

Page 24 : Slappy then remembered, he could swim. He could swim across the pond faster than anyone else.
(Slappy “getting the idea” about swimming.)

Now we have our event, and our means for our hero to come forth. On page 23 we have Slappy bring forward the question about who could save the pigeon. Here the parent that ask the child who could save the pigeon? This allows the child to realize that Slappy could do it. On the next page, we see Slappy coming to the same conclusion as the child, a reason for the child to celebrate. They solved the mystery.

Personally, when a child has a sense of accomplishment while reading a book, they connect with the story, and it can become a favorite book rather quickly.


We are quickly coming the end of our story. Coming up soon our hero will save the pigeon and realize that he indeed can fly, but his sky is the water.

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