What Apps I Use For Writing

With mobile devices allowing us to access information in the “cloud”, more and more apps are creating unique opportunities for us to keep track of notes where ever we may be. I will be honest, I get ideas ALL THE TIME. I have a few apps on my iPhone and my iPad that help me with my writing. So here are my top 5 apps I use that help me with writing. They are not all note taking apps, these include readers and research apps as well. Writing is more than just putting words to paper, or to keyboard.


SimpleNote App

Simple note is a simple note app (duh). What is great about this app is that it can sync to the cloud, and stores recent version of your notes. By being able to jot a note down, then access it on my iPhone, iPad or any network enabled computer, I don’t have to worry about copying files and figuring where the latest version is. Although it lacks many features a writer needs, it does have the advantage of being fast, and easy to use.



Wikipanion is the mobile app version of Wikipedia, the online, user editable, encyclopedia. What is nice about this is that you can look up virtually anything, and bookmark it in the app. The down side is that you cannot sync your bookmarks between devices. But, an encyclopedia in the palm of your hands is great for research. I’ve used this to research cities, natural disasters, anything I can think of that I’d need for my stories.


Dictionary is exactly what you’d think it was, a dictionary, but it also is a thesaurus. Each word found links to every word in the meaning. In other words, no pun intended, every word is linked to its definition.



Dropbox is a FREE service that gives you disk space in the cloud. You can access it from the web, or any computer setup with the free dropbox account. So if I’m on my desktop and I drop a file into my dropbox folder, when I go to my laptop, it syncs up and shows me the file. There are also iPhone and iPad apps for this.



Pulse is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps. It’s a free news aggregator. It takes news feeds from blogs and other sources, and allows you to create pages based on category or anything else you can think of. It is a great way to bring all your commonly read blogs together in one place. If you follow as many blogs as I do, this is a fantastic app to organize them.


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