Wikileaks and Hopscotch

When I first heard about Wikileaks releasing classified documents, I first thought of the motto of the X-Files, “The Truth is Out There”. Any person with a reasonable intellect would know that our beloved government is not the “Elmo” of the world. We don’t go into foreign countries and just throw money at them and say, “Here. We love you.” It’s all business. What we think of them, and how they run their countries is always done behind the backs of the American citizens. Wikileaks has shown us the true face of our government.

But I’m not writing this to debate when what was done was correct or not, or if the U.S. Government is the Evil Empire. I am writing this because of a movie.

My father introduced me to a movie that I probably would not have even bothered to watch back in the 80’s. That movie is “Hopscotch”. Before you close your browser, this is not about the children’s sidewalk game.  Hopscotch is a movie staring Walter Matthau and Ned Beatty, and it strikes a similar story line to that of Wikileaks.


CIA agent Miles Kendig (Played by Walter Matthau) decides to quit the CIA. In his decision to quit, he decides to write his memoirs and send copies of each chapter to the world’s intelligence agencies. Of course, the CIA doesn’t believe him. So he does it, sending out chapters one by one. The information in the book reveals a lot of top secret information that would compromise national security, of not only the United States, but all major countries of the world.

Whose bright idea was it to send a box of poison cigars to Castro? … It’s a personal vendetta against me.

The CIA head, (played by Ned Beatty), decides to put an end to this, and to Kendig. What ensues is a cat and mouse game between the bumbling CIA and a masterful agent, Kendig.


I guess it’s true … “Life imitates art.”

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