Cards, Stories, Cougars and More

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything on my personal blog, so here goes nothing … well, I wouldn’t say nothing.


I’ve been updating my Animal Totem Card App fairly frequently. The app, which started out with 40 animals, has more than doubled its size to 84 animals. I receive email requests from people who have purchased the app asking for specific animals. Most recently I have been asked for Panda, and Chipmunk.


Aside from working with my illustrator on Steve the Vegan, I have been writing some other stories. I’ve also been looking into children’s comic books as a medium to work in. Another story I have been working on is for a slightly older group of children and is based on animal totems and mysticism.


Not just cougars, but jaguars, ocelots, clouded leopards and other big cats. I’ve been volunteering my web development services to Panther Ridge Conservation Center to help them generate some income in these difficult economic times. During a financial crisis like this, non-profit, animal-based organizations are usually hit hardest. So I created a new web site for them to collect donations, I also create a site where people can purchase adoption kits for the big cats at Panther Ridge, lets you select an animal and receive a photograph, adoption certificate and more. It’s a great way to help them out and receive something in return, in addition to personal gratification for doing something for the animals.

and More …

I have much more going on, some additional web site design, I’m helping a friend develop an iPhone app, and more nature and animal photography.

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