Donating Time

As I stated in my last post, I have been donating my time to Panther Ridge Conservation Center as a host to many photographer meetups through This past weekend we completed our 4th meetup, and there are 5 more scheduled.

Besides saving photographers from the claws and jaws of big cats (just kidding), I have also been working on a new web site for Panther Ridge, and a series of adoption kits.

I am gathering “materials” for the adoption kits at this time, but its a tough journey since I really have a very, very limited budget. When dealing with a non-profit, its imperative to keep costs at a minimum.

Side note, and shameless plug : If you know any person, or corporation that would be willing to help out to cover the costs of some of the adoption kit items, please let me know.  Also, corporations can sponsor an animal. Who wouldn’t want to sponsor an ocelot named “Macho Man!”

I’ve really enjoyed working on this project, helping out Panther Ridge, and meeting some incredible people who share my love of nature and wildlife.

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