Widgets reviews Eartha’s app

One of my major obstacles in writing Eartha was to be able to get kids to understand how bad polluting our oceans is, and how rewarding it can be to help animals in need. Today I read a review of the iPhone version of the story on The iPhone Mom website and apparently I did the job well.

I just don’t like how some stories hit you over the head with their point, only to hit you again and again.  Eartha wasn’t like that at all and I enjoyed this story. The message was still there (my kids caught onto it right away) but the way it’s presented isn’t obnoxious.

I’m also glad I added the Bonus material. For those who don’t know, the iPhone app version of the book includes photographs of the real Eartha along with photos and commentary on her release back to the sea.

Check out the full review at The iPhone Mom.
(If you own the app, feel free to add your own comments to the review.)

You can purchase the app through the iTunes store here.

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