My Forthcoming Press Release and Interview

I recently hired Joel Samberg, a journalist and public relations writer, to create a press release for my book. This entire experience of writing this book has been a gamble for me. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Have I learned from them? I’d like to think I have. Hiring Joel was another gamble, and I think it was a great move.

After an extensive interview, Joel has created a great press release which is scheduled for release on the 4th of January. He will also be distributing the press release to several magazine, newspapers and third party distribution services.

Here are a few excepts from the press release :

“When I saw the real Eartha make her way into the ocean, I was immediately struck by the emotional connection so many of us have to our nautical friends, particularly since we are, in some way, responsible for many of the perils that can put them in harm’s way,” says Bodenstein, a lifelong South Florida resident who is making his children’s book debut. “My goal is to encourage young readers to actually feel the sadness Eartha feels when entangled, and the joy she feels when freed.”
“People are capable of doing so much harm, but they’re also capable of doing so much good, and giving so much love” comments Bodenstein. “Children are never too young to learn that about people, as well as about our delicate environment and about protecting all species on earth. This book accomplishes all that — while also letting young readers find another adorable sea friend to fall in love with.”

If you’d like to download a PDF of the press releases, you can do it here.
Tale of Eartha press release

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