Tom Petty was right!

Waiting is the hardest part.

Currently I am waiting for illustrations (No pressure Ron!) and I am waiting for Authorhouse to finish modifying the cover for Eartha the Sea Turtle.

I sent Authorhouse all the PDF pages of my book, and a PDF of the cover on the 25th of September. I was told that they would begin my book on the 30th. I emailed Authorhouse yesterday and asked them what is taking so long. They replied…

“We will still put the PDF’s together and then add the ISBN assignment and bar code, along with the AuthorHouse logo information. We are completing covers in the order that they come in, which is the reason for the 10-15 day timeline.”

isbn-13_9781438945927_88768Um, what? That’s like 15 minutes of work. I went online, found a web site that generates ISBN-13 barcodes and created my own. (Yes this IS the correct ISBN number for my book)

So what’s left… adding their logo, and inserting a page that says copyright…blah blah blah. Let’s face it, they should be able to do a cover an hour a LEAST. So if it takes 10-15 days for the cover to be done, they obviously don’t have enough people to get the job done.

(Gripe session over. Please return to whatever you were doing.)

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