Publishing in a new direction

As some of you already know, I’ve been having problems with Author House. So this week I sent them an email telling them that I am no longer publishing my book through them. I have asked them to refund my payment for services, and I have decided to take the entire publishing process in a new direction.

Upon the advice of several people I have been communicating with on, I have decided to start a publishing company, and publish my own books. By utilizing print-on-demand services like, I can publish and print my book on my own.

I purchased a block of ten (10) ISBN (International Standard Book Number) numbers, and I am currently working on reformatting the book for the new standard. This paves the way for me to create ten books, and publish them under my new publishing company. I actually may get the book printed quicker this way, than if I continued with Author House.

Although it sounds like a set back, it actually will work out for the best in the long run. My next challenge is marketing.

I’ll reveal the name of the publishing company soon.

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